ConcaveFi Gitbook

Investment Research

Concave’s investment research focuses on three primary areas:
  • Early seed investments
  • Venture-style investments in pre-launch protocols
  • Strategic investments in post-launch projects
Concave’s investment research differs from other protocols in our unique ability to source alpha, which consists of a multifaceted approach to research.
Some of these approaches are automated, referred to as machines.
Pre-Market Opportunity Machines scrape Twitter, Discord, and social media for relevant pre-market projects that are followed by notable thought leaders and crypto Twitter personalities.
Market Opportunity Machines use natural language processing and statistical analysis to gauge sentiment around current opportunities that are actively trading, scraping sources such as Medium, Google, blockchains, and macro event calendars for information.
Comparatively, our investment researchers maintain membership in most of the notable private alpha channels. Concave also incentivizes our large community to bring independent alpha to our researchers, who will make traditional investment analyst-style pitches to our portfolio managers.