ConcaveFi Gitbook


Our co-op functions in a unique way, essentially being run by its ever-growing community. At Concave, we hope to be shaped by our community and achieve the goal of becoming a fully sustainable cooperative organization.
The Core Team consists of many ex/current Olympus DAO members - their combined developer experience and expertise in DeFi spans years of knowledge.
The Engineering Team consists of devs with experience in coding and auditing a substantial amount of code for OlympusDAO.
The Policy Team consists of experienced thinkers from a wide variety of defi projects as well as seasoned veterans from the TradFi space, who boast years of monetary and policy experience with large corporations.
The Marketing Team consists of world-class talents from prominent crypto companies as well as traditional marketing with strong ideation and execution abilities.
The Community Team consists of highly specialized Miners who are skilled in various areas, from video editing to event organization. The primary focus of this team is to ensure positive community engagement.
The Design Team consists of designers with experience that cover all angles of the department (3D graphics, web design, UX, and more). Though the department is small, the design team produces high quality work.