ConcaveFi Gitbook


Concave has a strong team with over 50 active contributors that are using their skills to make the project the best that it can be. Many of these talented individuals came from the community and worked their way up to establish themselves as contributors to the protocol.


The Commanders (department/team leads) are the leaders responsible for managing the co-op’s overall operations. Some of their duties involve managing their respective departments by:
  • Placing team members in a position to succeed.
  • Recruiting new talent.
  • Ensuring the production of quality and time-efficient projects that strengthen the co-op and its community.


Scrumlords ensure that the team is synced vertically and horizontally across the organization. They are the Servant Leaders of the Teams and are a complementary role to the Commander. They are responsible for facilitating the Teams' daily Scrum, Plannings and Retrospective meetings. They mentor, coach and guide the Team towards a high performing, self-directed, flexible, value production focus and to embrace the Concave Culture Code. They also assist the Team in removing any blockers to delivery.


Synchronizers act as the liaison between their assigned department(s). Their main objective is to set macro-level co-op goals. Though they may not be directly involved with each and every project, they oversee and proactively seek opportunities to ensure the long- term success of the co-op.

Cave Dwellers

The Cave Dwellers (builders) are directly responsible for building and creating content that strengthens the co-op based on community feedback. They are the artists behind each and every project, ensuring that value is continuously produced and added to the co-op.


The Miners (community) are without a doubt the most important members of the project. They are the foundation on which this co-op stands. Without them, the structure falls, and we are left with a failed polis. Synchronizers, Commanders, and Cave Dwellers exist because of the Miners. Their role is to shape the co-op by voting and proposing changes that directly strengthen the core.