MVP: Bonding-Staking

The Concave MVP Protocol is inspired by the general bonding- staking concepts popularized by Olympus. Whereas most other forked protocols penalize stakers in favor of treasury growth via bonding, Concave has been built from the ground up with a focus on delivering value to long-term stakers via our conceptualized bonding and staking mechanisms.
Composable bonding mechanisms have been designed to bring various bonding products to market and are implemented with back-end functionality to control supply inflation and optimize bond issuance as a function of market conditions. These mechanisms are underlined by a novel staking reward structure that incentivizes stakers through anti-dilutive bonding emissions and treasury dividends that are paid out in non-native tokens through treasury investment strategies.
Both bond positions and locked staking positions are implemented using NFTs to facilitate secondary markets. These ensure further revenue streams for investors and incentivize users to enter the most beneficial positions for long-term price stability and protocol health.
Bonding & Staking Mechanisms can be broken down into the following key components:
  • Bonding Mechanics
  • Liquid Staking Mechanics