ConcaveFi Gitbook

Non/Anti-Dilutive Emissions

Liquid staking positions will receive immediate compounded rewards based on the supply inflation generated through purchased bonds. Rewards will vary based on the duration of your locked position.
Each liquid staking position will capture a percentage of supply growth as a function of CNV minted through our fixed-term accrual bonds.
Those in the longest liquid staking position (the 360 day staking) will never be diluted and will increase their share of the market cap when other rewards are considered. This will be reinforced directly in protocol contracts through a staking cap on non-dilutive positions and the minimum price on bonds. These components ensure all liabilities to protocol stakers are accounted for when CNV is minted.
All staking positions will capture immediate compounded rewards to their staking positions through new supply issued on bonds. These rewards will be redeemable at the end of the users staking term.
[Example] If a bonding event creates an increase in the supply of 10%, investors in the longest lock will also see rewards of 10% to their pool; those in the 180 day stake will see a 7.5% increase and so forth. 3.1 Non/Anti-Dilutive