ConcaveFi Gitbook


Concave has a strong community that has generated a lot of momentum and outreach for the brand.
Our Discord server currently has 35k+ members, and they build alongside the team by performing various quests that help the co-op. With our Concave Genesis event, we generated so much community engagement that we broke discord.
As a co-op, Concave is pushing the idea of coopetition forward where community members are encouraged to work together to provide valuable work to the protocol.
To continue engagement within the community after the pre-launch, we will soon implement a social token called Spoon. With Spoon, we can offer incentives to community members to offer their skills to the co-op through quests and a tiered role system.
As community members continue to engage and provide their talents to the protocol, they will be able to purchase a higher tier role with Spoons that will give them a set amount of gems.
The main roles that they can move up in will be Engineering, Policy, Community, Marketing, and Partnerships.
Community members will assume more tasks as they move up the system, and they will be rewarded with more gems. Gems will be a form of currency that may be used to purchase Concave assets such as p-Tokens.