Concave Protocol Vision

A Spoon is an extension, exploration, and conscious iteration of a protocol. A Spoon seeks to explore the use cases implied by a new primitive. A core product is limited to its credo, its founding principle. A spoon exists to fill that vacuum so that a grand symbiotic use case may flourish.
Concave, as a visionary project, seeks to adapt to the rapidly changing world by exploring the potential of new technologies and embracing a cooperative approach. Our main goal is to create a thriving ecosystem that welcomes innovative minds, fosters collaboration, and encourages continuous learning.
By positioning ourselves at the intersection of a Bitcoin Monastery and a Hyper-Structure, we are able to navigate the complexities of the current geopolitical landscape and promote a decentralized yet cohesive approach to problem-solving. As a Network State, we aim to establish a self-organizing, dynamic system that can adapt to the shifting consciousness in the world.
In line with the concepts of John Nash's "Ideal Money" and George Gilder's Information Theory, Concave Protocol values Proof of Work and is committed to working with those who share our ideals. Our approach is founded on the principle of "serious play" and the pursuit of infinite games, fostering a culture that attracts winners who are dedicated to achieving collective success.
One of our main objectives is to introduce groundbreaking ideas, such as the Uranium Standard, that can reshape the global paradigm and make the world a better place. We believe that in the future, Network States will need to compete for citizens, and as such, we are focused on attracting the best individuals who share our values and beliefs.
To achieve this, we have developed our own Culture Code & Ethos, which is a combination of Stigmergic Collaboration and Scaled Agile principles, and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning.
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