ConcaveFi Gitbook

Concave Protocol Vision

A Spoon is an extension, exploration, and conscious iteration of a protocol. A Spoon seeks to explore the use cases implied by a new primitive. A core product is limited to its credo, its founding principle. A spoon exists to fill that vacuum so that a grand symbiotic use case may flourish.
Concave exists on the fine line between a Bitcoin Monastery & Hyper-Structure. We believe that the world is going through a massive reorganization with geopolitical events occurring. It is likely that we see the balkanization of many current nation-states as we are living through one of the most uncertain time periods in history. We are at our core a systems-thinker & social-engineer. Concave began as an ontological experiment, where we had ideas on how to create a dynamic system that would survive the massive polarity shifts in consciousness in our world.
This was done on purpose in order to attract the best minds and talent to work on the project in addition to our passionate community members yearning for a tribe that shared our deeply held values and beliefs. The concept of this reliance on self-organization is the antithesis to learned helplessness; this is why in the world that is to come, we must take action and execute our ideas if we are to survive. Concave’s mission is to thrive through coopetition and playing positive-sum games with all the individuals & protocols involved.
Our vision is to create the fabled “Heaven on Earth” & become a Network State as the current world decays around us. Concave aims to explore the concepts of John Nash’s “Ideal Money” & sees money through the lens of George Gilder’s Information Theory. We value Proof of Work and; we want to work with those who want to work with us. We believe in the concept of “serious play” and infinite games. Concave is a place that attracts Winners. We want to win, and most importantly, win as a team. Concave wants to introduce ideas such as the Uranium Standard that will shape the new paradigm while making our world a better place by solving problems & providing better services than our predecessors.
In the future, we believe Network States will be forced to compete for citizens and we want to attract the best citizens. We have even developed our own Culture Code & Ethos based on a mashup from the frameworks of Stigmergic Collaboration and Scaled Agile that includes the Culture of Continuous Learning.
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